Loveland Sniper – Coloradans on edge after learning there’s a serial killer loose in Colorado

// June 5th, 2015 // News


Loveland Sniper–Coloradans on edge after learning there’s a serial killer loose in Colorado

Police now believe several unsolved Colorado shootings are related and that a single serial killer is on the loose and beginning to gain steam. In April, 20-year-old Cori Romero was shot through her neck while driving onto an I-25 entrance ramp near Fort Collins, Colorado. Romero survived the attack and told police that she was taking the onramp on April 22 when a dark-colored SUV pulled beside her vehicle. She said the car window shattered and she called 911, not realizing that she had been shot.

One month later, on May 18, 48-year-old John Jacoby was found lying near his bicycle on Country Road 15 in Windsor. He had been killed by two bullets – and only five miles from the spot where Romero was killed.

The last killing occurred on June 3, again one month after the last shooting, a 65-year-old man (William Connole) was found fatally shot, lying on a sidewalk, in Loveland, Colorado, about 50 miles north of Denver.

Thus far there have been no witnesses to the attack. Police and the FBI refused to comment on the possibility of a serial shooter. But they have offered a $10,000 reward for information. Colorado residents meanwhile, wait in suspense, hoping the body count rises no further.

“I’ve got two children and a wife, and I don’t want to be outside playing with my kids, you know, they’re riding bikes or something down the sidewalk and somebody come by and shoot me or them.”

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