Please upgrade to Altered Dimensions 2.0


You asked for it.  We listened.

With nearly 50,000 downloads and a 4.5 star rating, the Altered Dimensions Android app has far exceeded our expectations.  But we can do better.

Through your reviews and email, three enhancement requests have consistently stood out.  (1) You have indicated you want a “premium” version of the app – a version that contains recent up-to-date paranormal news.  (2) You have requested a more media related format – one with more pictures and video.  (3) You have told us (loudly) that you want more paranormal and esoteric articles.

With Altered Dimensions 2.0, we will deliver all three.  The 2.0 version, available now on the Google Play market, is a complete redesign of the Altered Dimensions app.  The backend server framework has been swapped out with a technology which will allow us to more easily, and quickly, post new paranormal content, including more multimedia content.  The new framework will also allow us to feed paranormal news quickly.  Along with the new backend framework, we have completely redesigned the mobile application giving it a more colorful appearance and allowing it to operate with our new backend framework.  In addition, version 2.0 includes a new subscription model (the “Pro” version you asked for) which gives subscribers access to up-to-date paranormal news and premium content before it is released to non-subscribers.  All of the original content is still available in the new 2.0 version and all premium content will be released to the “free” version, but on a delayed basis.

With the new backend changes, the old version of Altered Dimensions will no longer work.  Please update your application to the new 2.0 version from the Google Play marketplace.  Trust us – you’re gonna love it!

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