English man has stroke, wakes up speaking Welsh

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English man has stroke, wakes up speaking Welsh

Alun Morgan, 81 years old, grew up speaking English but lived in Wales for a while during an evacuation in World War II. He was only in Wales a few months and admits that he “learned a bit of Welsh” while he was there but was not proficient with the language. He has not spoken the language in 70 years. The Englishman recently recovered from a stroke which has left doctors a bit puzzled. After his stroke, he spent three days in a coma. When he awoke, he spoke nothing but Welsh – and never realized he was not speaking in his native tongue. Doctors say that the strange language quirk continued for three more days when suddenly, he switched back to speaking English again. He has now almost completely forgotten the Welsh language.

Ghost Lights

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Ghost lights along an old stagecoach route

In 1656, John Davis of Cardinshire, Wales recorded some of the earliest historical evidence of ghost lights. In this small town in Northern Wales, ghost light sightings were quite common and believed to portend the death of someone in their town.