Bright blue glowing UFO filmed from airplane window during flight from Florida to Pennsylvania

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Glowing blue UFO flimed from commercial airliner

An interesting video posted on YouTube shows a bright blue, glowing light hovering in the clouds. The video was shot from the window seat of a commercial airliner on a fight from Florida to Pennsylvania and has generated much talk on the paranormal forums. Some have suggested that the flight was not “30,000 feet in the air” but rather, given the angle of the flaps on the airplane’s wing, was in a descent pattern. This is a crucial fact given that the glowing object could be atop a stationary object (e.g. mountain) if the plane was flying at a lower altitude. However, if the flight was indeed at a cruising altitude, then this report becomes much more difficult to explain.

UFOs spotted over Pennsylvania town on Christmas Day

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We received some interesting reports of UFOs seen over the town of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania on Christmas day. MUFON recorded the event and noted that witnesses reported a black object with flashing lights. Power outages accompanied the sighting. One photo (see above) and reportedly two video clips were shot of the unknown object.