Employees at haunted Mexico City International Airport proffer photos of little-girl ghost who regularly haunts their airport

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Ghost of little girl inside an abandoned airplane at Mexico City International Airport

Reports of the ghost of a 7-year-old girl roaming the grounds of Mexico City International Airport are not new. The spirit has been seen by employees in and around the terminal and in the airport’s “cemetery of planes” where unrepairable damaged parts of aircraft are thrown away.

Truck containing lethal radioactive cobalt-6o hijacked in Mexico. Thieves will “without a doubt die”

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Photo of the containers the radioactive cobalt-60 is housed in

Well this can’t be good… The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency announced today that a pair of thieves in Mexico have stolen a truck containing highly dangerous atomic materials – just the sort of material that would be used with explosives to construct a radioactive dirty bomb. The lethal substance, cobalt-60, was was being transported in specially-designed sealed secure containers and had been previously used in radiation therapy to treat cancer. The truck was transporting the material from a hospital in Tijuana to a waste center when it was stolen on Monday in the town of Tepojaco, just outside Mexico City.

“Island of the Dolls” – site of little girls death is adorned with hundreds of creepy, dead-eyed dolls hanging from the trees

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Tiny souless doll hanging on Island of the Dolls

It’s a common theme in horror movies – creepy, dead-eyed dolls dangling from a cord hung from a tree. If the scenario gets your chest a thumping, you may want to visit Mexico’s Isla de las Munecas, or Island of the Dolls, where the entire island looks like it came straight from a horror movie film set. And the story of how the strange and scary island came to be is even creepier than the hundreds of eerie mutilated dolls dangling from the island’s trees.

UFO appears to fly directly into Mexico’s active Popocatepetl volcano (VIDEO)

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UFO appears to fly directly into Mexico’s active Popocatepetl volcano (VIDEO)

There’s an interesting video making the rounds today. I see a couple of potential explanations (reversed video, a commercial airlines flying behind the volcano, etc.) but nothing definitive meaning, yeah, it’s a pretty interesting UFO shot. The video was shot on May 30, 2013 at around 8:30 PM local time at Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano located about 40 miles south of Mexico City. It’s the latest in a series of UFO sightings that have taken place near the central Mexico active volcano since 2012.

Inside the Mexican drug cartels – how to live rich in a poor country

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Map of the Mexican drug cartel territory

Drug cartels are criminal organizations developed primarily for the purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations (but have expanded into other areas including arms dealing, prostitution, and human slavery). Whereas they once agreed to cooperate with each other in the production and distribution of drugs, they now war with each other on a regular basis. It is estimated that the war against and between the Mexican drug cartels has cost 70,000 lives.

Confirmed – Mexican drug cartels have crossed the border and are setting up operations deep inside U.S. borders

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Drugs, money, and weapons from Mexican drug cartels

Top law officials have indicated that the notorious Mexican drug cartels, who once rarely ventured onto U.S. soil, have begun moving into United States and are setting up (or have already set up) operations in at least nine none-border states. This conclusion was reached by the Associated Press after they reviewed reams of federal court cases and government drug-enforcement data, plus interviews with many top law enforcement officials. The head of Chicago’s DEA office, said “It’s probably the most serious threat the United States has faced from organized crime.”

Archaeologists find hundreds of human skulls with partial spines attached in suspected Mexican “sacrifice” site

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Artifact depicting Tlaloc, a pre-Columbian water god, that was found at the human sacrifice site at Lake Xaltocan, Mexico.

Archaeologists from Georgia State University were digging an empty field in Mexico when they ran across an amazing discovery – hundreds of thousand-year-old human skulls with just one or two vertebra attached indicating the site may have been a religious ritual site used for human sacrifices. The archaeologists made the find in an area that was once a huge, isolated lake (Lake Xaltocan) located many miles from the nearest major city of the day. The general area in which they were found surrounds the kingdom of Teotihuacan (home to the Pyramid of the Sun), about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from Mexico City. The vast ancient kingdom flourished from around the year 200 to 650, though who built it remains a mystery. The skulls were found lined up along with incense burners, water-deity figurines, and corncob depictions of some sort of ritual involving human sacrifice and farming.

The mysterious New Mexico “brilliant flash of light” event (August 15, 1999)

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Still frame photos taken from atop a Albuquerque building show the flash

At 11: 18 PM on August 15, 1999, the residents of the southwestern United States experienced an intense, unimaginable bright flash of light which lit the area brighter than daylight for 2-3 seconds. At the same time, people from all across the western U. S. began calling the UFO hotlines reporting their sightings of an unidentified object travelling overhead. Most reported a hovering ball of light. Calls came in from New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Texas and Mexico. 21 minutes later, a second (less bright) flash occurred.

Ancient “alien” skulls found in archaeological dig in Senora, Mexico – cranial deformation?

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Ancient “alien” skulls found in archaeological dig in Senora, Mexico – cranial deformation?

There a new reports just coming out about odd “alien” skulls found in a 1,000 year-old ancient burial site in Senora, Mexico. The site was first discovered in 1999 in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora (at a site known as “El Cementerio”) while workers were digging to install an irrigation canal. Researchers have just begun investigating the site but have already found 25 human remains, 13 of which have the odd-shaped deformed skulls. The researchers are stating that the odd-shaped skulls are a result of purposeful “cranial deformation” or shaping of the skull, possibly as the result of an ancient ritual practiced. The remains have been dated back to 945 A.D. to 1308 A.D.

MS13 Gang – one of the most violent and dangerous gangs in the U.S.

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MS-13 gang graffiti

The MS-13 gang, aka Mara Salvatrucha 13, is one of the most violent, dangerous gangs in the United States – and one of the most organized. The MS-13 gang has cliques, or factions, located throughout the United States and is unique in that it retains is ties to its El Salvador counterparts. With cliques in Washington DC, Oregon, Alaska, Arkansas, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and several other South American countries, the MS-13 gang is truly “international” and on the verge of becoming the first gang to be categorized as an “organized crime” entity.