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Plum Island Animal Disease Center and Lab 257

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In Gardiners Bay, east of Orient Point, off the eastern end of the North Fork coast of Long Island, there lies an island that is classified as one of the most dangerous points on the planet. It does not exist on most maps. Under high security and guarded by the Department of Homeland Security, the 3 three mile island is home to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, a Level 4 Laboratory, the highest security rating granted by the United States government. In this lab, the most dangerous viral and bacterial agents are produced.

The Long Island Serial Killer

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Police search for Long Island Serial Killer bodies

The Long Island Serial Killer (also known as the Gilgo Killer or the Long Island Ripper) is a serial killer who is believed to have murdered at least ten people in the Long Island area. He targets prostitutes, who were often contacted from the online bulletin board Craigslist, and has been in operation for at least fifteen years. The Long Island Serial Killer dumps the bodies of his victims along Ocean Parkway, a fifteen mile highway that traverses Jones Beach Island on Long Island, New York. The killer dumps his victims, unburied in thick brush, often only a few feet from the roadway. Some victims’ bodies lay undiscovered for over a decade.