Weather experts baffled after mysterious black ring appears in skies above England

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Mysterious black ring photographed in the skies above Leamington Spa, England

16-year-old Georgina Heap was playing tennis with her mother when she looked up at the sky and noticed a mysterious black ring floating high in the air. The huge black ring was spotted in the skies above Leamington Spa, a spa town in central Warwickshire, England, and remained in sky for about three minutes before disappearing completely. Weather experts are baffled by what they describe as a “real-life X-Files”.

British student comes forward with close-range account of troll-like creature chasing train

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Photo of real-life troll?

A 25-year-old British student has reported what he describes as “a troll looking creature” chasing after a train that was travelling through flooded fields towards London. The lad said that at first, he thought the creature was a “fat bloke running through the soggy fields, water up to his knees”. As the creature neared the slow-moving train, he was able to observe it at close range.

British airline captain reports near-miss with cigar-shaped UFO near London’s Heathrow Airport

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Aerial view of London’s Heathrow Airport

A recently released airline investigative report has revealed that a British airline pilot reported a near-miss with a UFO that occurred last July near Heathrow Airport in London. The pilot described the UFO as a “cigar or rugby ball-shaped”, bright silver, and metallic in construction. He state that the UFO passed within a few feet of the top of his passenger jet. The pilot reported the incident to authorities telling them that he was certain the object, which was travelling at “great speed”, was going to crash into his aircraft and that he ducked as it headed towards him.

British: Dead MI6 agent found padlocked inside own gym bag probably a self-inflicted accident

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MI6 mathmetician and secret-agent Gareth Williams found locked inside his own gym bag

In a classic WTF moment, the ruling on the death of MI6 espionage agent Gareth Williams has been changed. Originally the secret code breaker’s death was ruled a “unnatural and likely criminally meditated act” after his lifeless body was found stuffed inside his own padlocked gym bag. Now British police say that Williams’ death was “most probably” an accident.

River Thames residents puzzled by sudden appearance of mysterious red letterbox

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Uri Geller points to a mysterious red letterbox placed on a pillar of a bridge crossing the River Thames

Residents of Sonning-on-Thames, Berkshire say they are mystified by the appearance of a red letterbox (postal mailbox) that has appeared on a buttress on the downstream side of a bridge which crosses the River Thames. Uri Geller (yes, *the* Uri Geller), who has lived in the village for over 33 years, said he had “never seen anything like it”.

Dracula returns – landslide at St. Mary’s Church sends gory human bodies tumbling into the town below

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St. Mary

St. Mary’s Church in the English town of Whitby, the clifftop church and adjoining graveyard that inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 Dracula novel, is once again scaring the hell out of people. Heavy rain and a busted drainage pipe have led to landslides at the tourist attraction which caused gory human remains to tumble down on the houses and businesses. The landslide opened up graves in the ancient cemetery causing the macabre debris to slither down onto the city below. This is the second time this year that the cliff and cemetery have experienced slides that released dead bodies.

Guildford Ghost photograph remains one of the most convincing ghost pictures in history

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Guildford, located in the United Kingdom, is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth. Visit the town center any night of the week and you’ll find several “ghost tours” where locals will take you on a walk about the city while pointing out the many haunted locations scattered throughout the town. In fact, there is evidence that bolsters their claims. Guildford has produced one of the most convincing pieces of ghostly evidence, a picture that has confounded the experts. The general consensus is that the picture is real and untouched. Amateur photographer, Mark Baker, 37, who took the picture, has no idea what the figure is and insists that the picture has not been altered in any way.

The burning Wem Town Hall ghost – ghost of calm little girl appears amongst the flames

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The Wem Town Hall ghost

Wem Town Hall, a building in the market-town of Wem in Shropshire, England, was destroyed by fire on November 19, 1995. During the fire, Tony O’Rahilly, a amateur photographer, took pictures of the burning building from across the road (police had stopped him and would not allow him to get any closer). To his surprise, after the photo had been developed, in the doorway of an upper floor, appeared a young girl standing calmly, staring directly at the camera, seemingly unaffected by the flames burning all around her.

Crop Circles

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Crop Circle

Crop circles appear to be relatively new phenomena, the first reports occurring during the early 1980’s in Wiltshire, England.

The Canvey Island Monster

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In August of 1954, a man stumbled upon a strange, lifeless creature covered in seaweed on the shores of Canvey Island, Great Britain. After carefully examining the animal, he was certain it was unlike any creature he had ever seen. It appeared to be a marine animal but strangely exhibited some land-bearing animal characteristics – it had feet and legs!

The Devil’s Footprints

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Although documentation is sketchy, we do know that something extremely strange occurred in Topsham England on 02/07/1855. Townspeople were shocked when they awoke to find unexplained footprints covering their yards, gardens, streets, and even roofs of their homes.

Rendlesham Forest (1980)

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Rendlesham Forest

On December 26, 1980 at approximately 3:00 AM (the original report incorrectly states December 27), two United States Air Force security patrolmen noticed unusual lights outside the back gate. Thinking that an aircraft had crashed, they requested to leave the base to investigate.

The Disappearance of Agatha Christie

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Daily Mirror newspaper headline - Mystery of Woman Novelist

Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, better known as Agatha Christie, has been named one of the greatest mystery writers of all times and is affectionately known to all as the Queen of Crime. Born in England to an American stockbroker and the English daughter of a British army captain, the young Agatha grew up in the United Kingdom and penned her first novel (The Mysterious Affair at Styles) as a result of a challenge by her sister Madge. Although happily married to Colonel Archibald Christie at the time, events would foretell an even greater mystery involving her husband– this time a real-life mystery involving the strange disappearance of Mrs. Agatha Christie herself.

The Mysterious Piano Man

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Mysterious piano man - Andreas Grassl

On May 17, 2006, a man dressed nicely in a stylish black jacket, white shirt and tie was found dripping wet near the ocean on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent (about 5 miles east of London). The man spoke not a word. All labels had been removed from every item of clothing that he wore. He had no identification. It was discovered that he was a virtuoso piano player.

Jack the Ripper Timeline (Complete)

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Jack the Ripper newspaper headline

Below is an extensive timeline of Ripper-related events covering over 100 years. It is a supplement to the Jack the Ripper article.