Why have more than a dozen human feet washed up on the shores of the Pacific Northwest?

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As of 2014, police do not think a serial killer is responsible for the mystery feet but can’t totally rule out the possibility after the 15th human foot washed up on the shores of the Seattle waterfront this week. Since 2007, an average of two human feet per year have washed up on a 125-mile […]

Nowhere to run – family car catches on fire inside safari park’s Lion enclosure

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The Clements family, mother Helen and her two children, found themselves in an unusual, and harrowing situation this week after their car caught on fire during a visit to the Longleat Safari Park, a drive-through safari park in Wiltshire, England. With horribly bad timing, their car burst into flames while parked inside the lion enclosure […]

Unexplained – Cherry tree seeds sent to space station grow into mutant plants on earth

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As part of an educational program for Japanese children, several cherry tree stones (the hard inner layer that contains the seed) were carried to the International Space Station by Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata in November 2008. Once returned to earth, the seeds were planted in various locations throughout Japan with expectations that the cherry trees […]

Arkansas man arrested after accidentally butt-dialing intended victim allowing him to overhear details of his murderous plot

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Butt-dialing someone is always embarrassing but when you accidentally dial your intended murder victim, allowing him to overhear all the details of your devious plans, things can get downright nasty. That’s exactly what happened to 68-year-old Larry Barnett, who was arrested last week in Jonesboro, Arkansas after butt-dialing his intended victim allowing him to overhear […]

Officials stunned to find 24 solid gold bars stashed in bathroom of commercial Boeing 737 airplane

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There’s gold in them there crappers! Yesterday, an aircraft maintenance crew at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, India were conducting routine maintenance on a Jet Airways Boeing 737 when they were stunned to find two bags containing a stash of 24 solid gold bars in the airplane’s bathroom.

British: Dead MI6 agent found padlocked inside own gym bag probably a self-inflicted accident

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In a classic WTF moment, the ruling on the death of MI6 espionage agent Gareth Williams has been changed. Originally the secret code breaker’s death was ruled a “unnatural and likely criminally meditated act” after his lifeless body was found stuffed inside his own padlocked gym bag. Now British police say that Williams’ death was […]

At least 42 dead and hundreds injured during wave of giant hornet attacks in China

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Forty-two people have died and thousands have been injured in a wave of giant hornet attacks in central China. Victims of the bizarre attacks, which began about three months ago, described being chased for hundreds of yards by the creatures and stung as many as 200 times. The giant hornets can grow up to three […]

For Sale: Bizarre Cold War bunker home located underneath the streets of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas is the fertile breeding ground for the for the strange. Now that this bizarre, personal Cold War bunker has hit the residential market, you can add this creepy Hobbit-like underground home to your list of places to see on your next visit to Sin City. At this sprawling home for sale at 3970 […]

New York garage worker drives car into empty elevator shaft – plummets over three stories and survives

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A Manhattan garage worker survived when the car he was driving plummeted three and a half stories down an empty elevator shaft. The unidentified worker, who was driving a black Audi in the Sterling Garage on E. 80th St., thought the elevator bed was on the fifth floor and drove the car into the elevator […]

Father and son discovered hiding in remote jungle after fleeing from Vietnam War 40 years ago

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This week, a small party of sightseers in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province in central Vietnam, were travelling through a remote forest when they unexpectedly discovered 42-year-old Ho Van Lang and his 82-year-old father, Ho Van Thanh, wearing loincloths made of bark with homemade wooden axes in hand, trekking through the woods […]

Man finds himself in background of photo taken when he was just a child

// August 5th, 2013 // 1 Comment » // News

“Josh” says he was stunned to find an adult image of himself embedded in the background of a portrait studio photograph taken of him when he was a child. The photo was shot in 1983 by Olan Mills studios and has hung in his parents’ live room for decades. The man’s mother has always noted […]

Ancient Egyptian “God of the Dead” statue begins rotating in circles inside museum case

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The 4,000-year-old Osiris statue (Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Dead) was constructed in 1,800 BC and has been housed in the Manchester Museum since 1933. Until last week, the relic has sat undisturbed amongst several other ancient Egyptian relics. Last week, museum curator Campbell Price noticed that the statue, which normally faces forward […]

Court sentences men who accidentally stole van full of dead bodies

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A Polish court this week sentenced three men for up to four years in prison after the men accidentally stole a van full of dead bodies . A coroner assistant was driving the Mercedes Sprinter van from Berlin to a crematorium in the town of Meissen, Germany. The driver stopped at a “car park” to […]

Chinese man carries his home around on his back like a human-snail

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Looking like someone out of the Flintstones, 38-year-old Liu Lingchao is the human equivalent of a real-life human snail, carrying his 132 pound (60 kilogram) house, made of bamboo poles and plastic sheets, on his back as he travels throughout China. A veritable travelling salesmen, he earns money for food and supplies by collecting plastic […]

Arizona man’s chronic runny nose is not due to allergies – he’s leaking brain fluid!

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An Arizona man, who had a runny nose for over a year, was shocked to hear that the fluid leaking from his noise was not snot – it was brain fluid. Thinking he had year-round allergies, Joe Nagy visited his doctor where he was diagnosed with a perforated brain membrane. A tiny hole in the […]