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Large mass of dry-land granite found in Atlantic Ocean suggesting lost continent of Atlantis may have existed there

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The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and the Brazilian government announced today that a large mass of granite, normally only found on dry land, has been discovered on the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Also found in the area was a large quantify of quartz sand, […]

The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle and Hoodoo Sea, birthed its legend on September 09, 1950 in a strange AP dispatch. E.V.W. Jones, a reporter, penned an article on a strange anomaly he had stumbled across.

The lost city (or island) of Atlantis

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Plato described Atlantis as a island nation existing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was said to be populated by a great and powerful race and was a center for trade and commerce during that era. The sheer scale of everything Plato said about Atlantis, from the grandeur of its buildings to the […]