Police warn bizarre WhatsApp “MoMo Challenge” is causing teens around the world to commit suicide

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Police warn bizarre WhatsApp “MoMo Challenge” is causing teens around the world to commit suicide thumb

It’s dark, bizarre, creepy, and in at least one case, deadly. The challenge known as the MoMo Challenge is popping up on WhatsApp and Facebook at an alarming rate. Police are warning parents to beware. So far, at least one teen’s suicide is thought to be connected to the disturbing challenge.

Canada’s new CHIME telescope goes online and immediately detects mysterious radio burst from deep space

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Canada's new CHIME telescope thumb

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity mapping Experiment (CHIME) has been operating in British Columbia for less than a year and already it has detected something unusual in deep space. This week astronomers announced the telescope is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as “fast radio bursts” or FRBs.

Mysterious loud booms reported in Maryville, Tennessee – only 30 miles from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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The mysterious “booms’ heard around the country have reached the small town of Maryville, Tennessee. Police say loud booms were reported by dozens of residents throughout the Sandy Springs and Pearson Springs area on July 30, 2018. The booms occurred around 9:30 PM. The U.S. Geological Survey detected no earthquakes in the area and there were […]

Giant cloud like a perfectly shaped angel appears in the sky over Houston

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Giant cloud like a perfectly shaped angel over Houston thumb

Danny Ferraro of Montgomery, Texas captured a bizarre image of a cloud in the skies over Houston that looks remarkably like an angel, glowing rays and all. He promptly sent the picture to local Houston news station ABC 13 who broadcast the shot during their nightly newscast. Ferraro noted that the odd formation lasted only […]

Largest child sacrifice in history discovered – bodies of more than 140 children and 200 baby llamas discovered buried under sand in Peru.

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Child sacrifice victim with red-painted face thumb

It’s believed to have taken place about 550 years ago in the pre-Columbian Chimu Empire. It’s the largest child sacrifice in history. More than 140 skeletal remains of children were uncovered in the dry sand near the coast of Trujillo, Peru. Laying next to them were more than 200 baby llamas.

Unbelievable! Surfer sets world record riding freakishly massive 80-foot wave in Portugal.

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Surfer on massive 80 foot wave in Portugal thumb

The Guinness World Record has been awarded to Rodrigo Koxa of the World Surf League for a 80-foot-tall wave he rode in Portugal on November 8, 2017. The run took place in Nazare, Portugal and was captured on video. See the little spec in the picture. That’s Koxa.

Bizarre 7-foot tall creature photographed in Sante Fe, Argentina

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Hey, we’re not sure what it is either but residents in Santa Fe, Argentina claim the creature was 7-feet-tall and resembled some sort of horse/chupacabra hybrid. Neighbors reported the creature walked on four long, spindly legs with a face that appeared rabbit-like.

Uh oh, scientists just lost the battle against typhoid and fear return to early-era mortality rates

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It’s common in third-world countries but may soon spread across the rest of the globe as scientists this week discovered the typhoid bacteria has become resistant to all forms of antibiotics. Researchers are calling the epidemic an “international clarion call” for prevention efforts. One doctor pointed out, “when systems don’t outpace the pathogen, [we] anticipate […]

Scientists say a quarter-mile round asteroid just passed earth in a "surprise flyby"

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If you were paying close enough attention, you might have heard it whiz by. In what astronomers are calling a “surprise flyby”, a quarter-mile round asteroid buzzed the earth three days ago, passing just 119,500 miles from the Earth’s atmosphere – about half the distance between Earth and the moon.

Was the US-orchestrated attack against Syria a ruse implemented alongside Russian leadership?

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When it comes to tit-for-tat between the world’s most powerful countries, the game is akin to playing chess using human pieces. But sources are saying the recent United States attack against Syria may have been just that. Conspiracists are claiming that the US-led attack included not only France and Britain assistance – but cooperation from […]

Real-life mad scientist – “Mad” Mike Hughes blasts off in homemade steam-powered rocket – and survives

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He’s a limo driver from California who calls himself a self-taught scientists. Others say he’s a crackpot. What we know for certain is that he’s no chicken. This week 61-year-old “Mad” Mike Hughes took the first step to proving the world if truly flat. According to Mike, to verify the earth is flat, we must […]

What is going on in the skies over Seattle? Second mysterious hi-tech spy airplane seen flying above city

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Flight pattern of mysterious AC-130 Airplane spotted flying above Seattle for several hours thumb

I wrote back in August 2017 about an exotic spy plane that had been circling above Seattle suburbs for several days. Researchers noted that the serial number of the aircraft was one of six serial number sequences commonly associated with the top secret 427th Special Operations Squadron. This week, another mysterious craft has been spotted in […]

Russia contradicts NASA and predicts major solar storm over next two weeks could be catastrophic

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This story is odd, maybe concerning even, on multiple fronts. Russian scientists are stepping out and making a prediction that over the next two weeks, a series of solar flares will be released with potentially catastrophic consequences on earth. NASA on the other hand, says “nah”.  So, who’s right?

Twice as scary – rare two-headed snake found with two fully-functioning heads

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A rare two-headed ratsnake was captured last month and is now on display at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas. The rare reptile has two identical-looking heads with a space in between – each connected to the same body. Experts at the zoo say the unusual snake can eat with either head.

Clearest video yet of a triangular-UFO has emerged – is this the infamous TR-3 Black Mantra?

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Clear video yet of a triangular-UFO, potentially the top-secret TR-3 Black Mantra black project aircraft thumb

This week, one of the clearest videos of a triangular-shaped UFO emerged. Shot on January 26, 2018 (according to the video timestamp), using an automobile dashcam at an undisclosed location, the UFO is seen flying in from the left, behind a tree, and then off the top right-hand side of the video. The characteristic three-light, […]


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