Historic intensity of Canada’s wildfire – generates its own lightning with dire effects that could spread throughout planet

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The out-of-control Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada has already wiped out cities and forced the evacuation of thousands of people. Given today’s advanced firefighting technology, modern-day wildfires are much smaller than historic burners of the past, but given unusual weather and environmental conditions resulting from global warming, experts say the fires burn much hotter […]

Reports of vomiting and diarrhea after man sprays rat poison on vegetables in multiple Michigan stores

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Man believed to be Kyle Bessemer spraying poison on food in Michigan store

Over a dozen Michigan stores, including a Kroger and Whole Foods Market around Ann Arbor, Midland, Birch Run, and Saline, are believed to have suffered attacks by a man who sprayed a mixture of hand cleaner and rat poison in vegetable displays throughout the stores. Thus far the Washtenaw County Public Health Department says there […]

16-years-later, bodies of long-missing climber and his photographer found encased in icy glacier

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Snowy mountains

On October 5, 1999, world-class climber Alex Lowe and his cameraman David Bridges were caught in an avalanche on a Tibetan mountain and swept away by the rushing wave of rocks, ice, and snow. Sixteen years have passed when two climbers came across the frozen remains of two people encased in crystal clear, blue ice. […]

Area 51 up in smoke – photos of huge fire and roiling smoke at top-secret military base

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A couple visiting Area 51 in 2012 captured photographic evidence of a remarkable fire that has locals and nearby Las Vegas residents worried about what might have gone up in smoke (and spread through the air) at the top-secret military base.

Legendary Pope Lick Monster claims yet another victim in Kentucky

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Pope Lick Bridge, site of the Pope Lick Monster near Louisville, Kentucky

The Pope Lick Monster, a part-man, part-goat, and part-sheep creature rumored to lure victims onto the Norfolk Southern Railway bridge over Floyd’s Fork Creek (aka Pope Lick Creek) in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky, has claimed yet another victim this week – 26-year-old surgical assistant Roquel Bain died on the infamous railway trestle on […]

The enigmatic EmDrive (or Cannae Drive) – an impossible propulsion engine that scientists still cannot explain

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The enigmatic propulsion system known as EmDrive was designed in 2001 by Roger Shawyer. A short time after its development, chemical engineer Guido Fetta designed a similar mechanism he called the Cannae Drive (or Q-Drive). Both systems were considered scientifically implausible and disregarded by scientists who noted that the propulsion system violated one of physics […]

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reveals story about UFO he and friends saw in 2005

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Many people have a hard time believing in something, or at least opening their mind to the possibility, unless they’ve seen it with their own eyes – or if someone they respect says it’s so. This week Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed a UFO sighting he and friends experienced right before he […]

Could aliens be permanently orbiting the Sun, harvesting its energy?

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Phogo showing an unusual object (UFO) travelling away from the Sun

Pictures of solar flares are remarkably fascinating – and common. NASA publishes new pictures of solar flares on a near-weekly basis. However, researchers have taken a closer look at the pictures and discovered something unusual – an object which looks oddly solid that seems to be orbiting around the Sun, just outside its transition region. […]

Criminological geographic profiling claims to reveal identity of mysterious street artist known as Banksy

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Graffiti is a crime Banksy art

British researchers at Queen Mary University of London have used high-level mathematics, criminology, and geographic profiling to suggest the true identity of legendary street artist known as Banksy. A geographic pattern of how Banksy’s artworks were distributed suggests he is a London artist named Robin Gunningham.

Potential new evidence in O.J. Simpson case – large knife found on former OJ Simpson’s Rockingham estate

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O.J. Simpson

TMZ broke the news this week that a new twist in the O.J. Simpson case presented itself after a knife was found buried on Simpson’s former estate in Brentwood, California. Recall that the weapon used to kill Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman was proposed to be a “long, serrated knife”. The knife […]

Mummified body of missing captain found frozen in time aboard drifting ship

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Mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat found aboard his driftin yacht, the Sayo

On February 27, 2016, two fishermen in the Philippines discovered the boat of a German adventurer who had been missing for several years. The boat was floating 40 miles off the coast of the Philippines in the seas off Surigao del Sur province when the fisherman spotted the drifting vessel and boarded it. Inside the […]

Retired Navy officer who claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files is ready to divulge secrets

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A UFO related government document classified as Top Secret

Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that a trove of top secret UFO files may be about to surface. Today we find that an anonymous witness claims to have seen thousands of UFO-related documents while working at the Naval Telecommunications Center at NAS Moffett field near Mountain View, California. The man, who says […]

Woman cuts open herring fish to find strange, glowing growths inside

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Woman cuts open herring fishing to find strange, glowing growths inside

A woman in the eastern Kazakhstan city of Semey, purchased a fresh herring fish from her local market, brought it home, and began to fillet it when she noticed something odd. The fish’s insides glowed in the dark! According to Gulbarshin Kaydarova, inside the fish she found “strange growths” that gave off a bluish-green light.

Croydon Cat Killer – sadistic serial killer murders and mutilates cats, then places pet’s body on owner’s doorstep

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Reward sign offering reward for arrest and capture of the Croydon Cat Killer

In a murderous episode reminiscent of London’s Jack the Ripper, the Croydon Cat Killer has butchered and mutilated more than 50 animals (mostly cats), taking “trophies” with him before dumping the creature’s disfigured body on or near the owner’s home. Authorities fear the maniac killer may be out of control and evolving toward human prey. […]

We may now know why Hitler harbored so much rage – not one but two forms of genital abnormality

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We may now know why Hitler harbored so much rage–not one but two forms of genital abnormality

Many photos exist of Hitler which highlight his effeminate qualities and it was widely known that he harbored great fear of even going half-naked. Hitler’s personal doctor, Theodor Morell strongly hinted in medical reports that Hitler had an undescended testicle. Now two historians have come forward offering another explanation for Hitler’s femininity and the poem […]