Nowhere to run – family car catches on fire inside safari park’s Lion enclosure

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Family car catches fire inside lion enclosure in Longleat Safari Park in England

The Clements family, mother Helen and her two children, found themselves in an unusual, and harrowing situation this week after their car caught on fire during a visit to the Longleat Safari Park, a drive-through safari park in Wiltshire, England. With horribly bad timing, their car burst into flames while parked inside the lion enclosure watching the lions.

Weather experts baffled after mysterious black ring appears in skies above England

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Mysterious black ring photographed in the skies above Leamington Spa, England

16-year-old Georgina Heap was playing tennis with her mother when she looked up at the sky and noticed a mysterious black ring floating high in the air. The huge black ring was spotted in the skies above Leamington Spa, a spa town in central Warwickshire, England, and remained in sky for about three minutes before disappearing completely. Weather experts are baffled by what they describe as a “real-life X-Files”.

Unexplained – Cherry tree seeds sent to space station grow into mutant plants on earth

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Freak space cherry tree in Japan blossomed years earlier with odd five-petal flowers

As part of an educational program for Japanese children, several cherry tree stones (the hard inner layer that contains the seed) were carried to the International Space Station by Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata in November 2008. Once returned to earth, the seeds were planted in various locations throughout Japan with expectations that the cherry trees would mature and blossom several years later. Surprisingly, and with no scientific explanation, the plants somehow blossomed years earlier than expected – and with a bizarre mutant flower formation that nobody has seen before.

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures odd shard of light bursting from surface of Mars

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We’re not going to file this one under paranormal events just yet but still, it’s an interesting development. Eagle eyes have spotted an odd shard of light that seems to be erupting from the surface of Mars. Altered Dimensions verified that the photo is available on NASA’s website and has not been altered in any way. Two explanations thus far include missing photo image data (not likely since the light shows a distinct rounded-bottom and seems to overlay the terrain above and behind it) or possibly a reflection off of, well, we’re not sure what it would be reflecting off of and hence, the mystery.

Captured on deer cam – couple discover images of UFO rising/descending from night sky

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Rainer and Edit Shattles of Jackson County, Mississippi were quite perplexed after reviewing video from their “deer cam” that had been set up in an open field on their 150 acres of land in rural Mississippi. The deer cam, which is triggered by an infrared sensor, snaps images of wildlife animals as they approach the deer feeder. To their surprise, on February 16, 2014, it revealed a set of odd hovering lights descending from the night sky. The Shattles are baffled, never imagining they would be caught up in a world-wide UFO mystery that has become known around the Internet as, the Deer UFO Photos.

Insane video shows hurtling meteorite passing mere feet from falling skydiver

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Meteorite passes dangerously close to falling skydiver

Researchers are still studying the video but thus far, the only explanation they can find is that the huge tumbling object that zooms mere feet by the falling skydiver is – a meteorite! If this turns out to the be real identity of the mysterious object, as thus far all evidence suggests it really is what it appears to be, this will be the first time a meteor in “dark flight”, the portion of its fall to Earth when it does not emit fiery light, has been captured in photography

After at least four villagers dead, 2,200 lb. man-eating crocodile captured in Uganda

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A one-ton crocodile was captured at Lake Victoria, Uganda yesterday. The beast had already killed at least four men (some reports indicate six) and injured many others when villagers begged the Uganda Wildlife Authority to hunt the creature down. After a four-day search, the 20-foot croc was captured using meat on a hook, towed to shore, and placed on a flatbed truck

Did this Texas family just capture a live Chupacabra? [PHOTOS]

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Did this Texas family just capture a live Chupacabra?

Jackie Stock’s husband, Bubba, was stunned on Sunday when he discovered a large, dark, hairless, growling creature eating corn outside their Ratcliffe, Texas home. He called to his wife to come take a look to which she replied, “Bubba, that looks like a baby chupacabra!” The couple managed to capture the mysterious beast in a small cage. Is this the legendary Chupacabra or a common mammal hosting a parasite that has caused all of its hair to fall out? The mythical creature has never been proven to exist, but many people have often claimed to have seen animal of which there are many different descriptions.

Japan’s Yakuza mobsters launch new, public relations website

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Homepage of largest Yakuza gang, Yamaguchi-gumi

Japan’s biggest organized crime syndicate, the Yakuza, has launched its own website, the content of which, is not what you would expect. Spurred by a poor public image, membership in the Yakuza fell to an all-time low in 2013, slipping below 60,000 members for the first time. The Yakuza’s new website is an attempt to counter their image as “antisocial forces” and instead, show it as a friendly, neighborhood organization bent on improving the quality of life for Japan’s citizens.

Horrifying! Dozens of razor blades found attached to playground equipment in Illinois park. One toddler injured.

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Razor blades found attached to playground equipment in East Moline, Illinois

Monsters of a different kind emerged in Illinois yesterday. Police say a two-year-old child was injured with cuts to his hand after a bizarre visit to Millennium Park in East Moline, Illinois. Authorities report they found at least a dozen razor blades glued to playground equipment in up-turned positions along handrails, swing handles, and monkey bar grips.

High-res video of huge hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada leaves many scratching their heads

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Hexagon-shaped UFO flying above military base in Nevada

With the deluge of sketchy quadcopter and LED-light UFO videos that began suturing the Internet last year, I’ve been quite hesitant to post news of these events (which I consider to be “nonevents”) unless there is sufficient evidence to suggest they are authentic. Fact is, hoaxes are much more difficult to spot today. But the video below is intriguing. Admittedly, the authenticity cannot be verified yet but I thought I’d go ahead and pass it along and invite reader comments. But first, a bit of information about the video’s author and the video itself, which depicts a high-resolution shot of a strange hexagonal-like glowing object flying above a military base in Nevada.

Unseen force propels object off counter in Gilford, New Hampshire ghostly surveillance video

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Haunted Ellacoya Country Store Gilford, New Hampshire

A newly-released video depicting a glass object flying from a store countertop, presumable propelled by some unseen ghostly force, and smashing into pieces on the shop’s floor has sparked a Ghost Hunters investigation in the little town of Gilford, New Hampshire. The video spread through the Internet after the Ellacoya Country Store (located at 2667 Lake Shore Road in Gilford) posted the video on the Ellacoya Barn & Grille Facebook page with the heading “Haunted Much?”.

Ebola outbreak in Africa has reached epidemic proportions

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Ebola virus

The images are horrifying – a virus which spreads through blood, feces, even sweat, and causes profuse bleeding and necrosis (death of body tissue). 90% of those who become infected die – and now an outbreak is ripping through the region of Guinea in Africa infecting nearly 100 people thus far.

NASA funded research project predicts collapse of our civilization within the next few decades

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Collapsing building from ancient Roman civilization

According to a surprising new study funded by NASA, civilizations on Earth are set to collapse – within only a few decades. Researchers used advanced mathematical models seeded with compelling historical data related to previous civilizational collapses (e.g. Roman Empire, Gupta Empires) to reach their conclusion and found that even with conservative estimations, civilization as we know it is tittering on the brink of collapse. According to researchers, the impending collapse is due to several factors including a world bent on exploiting natural resources and increasingly unequal wealth distribution between the rich and poor.

800-year-old monk remains found sticking out of cliff face

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800-year-old monk remains found sticking out of cliff face

Mandy Ewington was strolling along a British coastline when she looked up and noticed two odd-looking “tubes” sticking out of the face of a cliff. She quickly recognized the protruding white tubes for what they were, femur bones, and snapped pictures which she sent to leading coastal archaeologist Karl-James Langford. Langford also recognized the grisly remains as two thigh bones which were slowly being revealed as the cliffs eroded away.