Lost Civilizations

Forrest Fenn hidden treasure – millionaire hides chest of gold and jewels and encourages public to head outdoors to find it

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Forrest Fenn gold, coins, and jewelry inside the bronze treasure chest

In 2009, a New Mexico millionaire gave the world a fascinating puzzle when he hid a treasure estimated to be worth between $1-5 million dollars and provided a cryptic poem full of clues hinting at its location. Tens of thousands have trekked through Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming in search of Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. To date, the location of the treasure remains a mystery, despite a plethora of clues pointing to its location.

The horrifying sound of an Aztec Death Whistle will make your skin crawl

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Aztec Death Whistle

For decades, archaeologists thought the ancient Aztec Death Whistles were nothing more than disturbing skull-shaped toys for Aztec children. They studied how they looked, how they were made, and where they were found. But nobody thought to blow into one. When they did, they found that the disquietingly-decorated skull-shaped clay objects made a spine-chilling noise described by one archaeologist as “the scream of a thousand corpses”. Yeah, they’re that creepy.

There’s more to the Easter Island Heads (Moai) than meets the eye

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Easter Island Head (Moai statue)

There’s more to the Easter Island Heads than meets the eye. In fact, if you dig under them, you’ll discover not only complete odd-shaped bodies but strange, undecipherable symbols and petroglyphs etched into the statues’ 20-foot-tall torsos.

The Lost Island of Hybrasil

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Located in the Atlantic ocean just west of Ireland, the mysterious island of Hy-Brasil is documented on maps as early as 1325 and as late as 1872. Although Hy-Brasil is found on many ancient maps, no island exists in our modern day and no recorded historical documents indicate where or what happened to it. The mystery of Hy-Brasil is that it simply disappeared without a trace.

The lost city (or island) of Atlantis

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The Lost City of Atlantis

Plato described Atlantis as a island nation existing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was said to be populated by a great and powerful race and was a center for trade and commerce during that era. The sheer scale of everything Plato said about Atlantis, from the grandeur of its buildings to the enormous timescale involved, has provided a controversial debate that has lasted for over 10,000 years.