Bizarre “inverted-tornado” cloud appears in Mexican sky

// January 25th, 2017 // News


Bizarre "inverted-tornado" cloud appears in Mexican sky

Bizarre "inverted-tornado" cloud appears in Mexican skyResidents of Michoacán, Mexico, were treated to a baffling meteorological anomaly around 6:00 PM on Friday January 20, 2017. Thousands of citizens witnessed a bizarre cloud which looked like an inverted tornado with a strange bright light beaming inside. It was estimated to be several miles high and at one point, several miles long.

The cloud was visible for more than an hour at which point it transformed to an elongated shape with two mirror-image rudder-like appendages leading its advance. Witnesses from Uruapan to Morelia, in the central part of the Mexican state, reported seeing the unusual cloud.

Mexican social media networks lit up with photographs and video of the event. Many though it could be “a spacecraft disguising itself to look like a cloud”. Others noted that the strange cloud appeared just hours after US President Trump’s inauguration, potentially as a warning to Mexico.

Meteorologists were unable to provide an explanation for the strange sight.

Bizarre "inverted-tornado" cloud appears in Mexican sky

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