Man shoots pictures of Area 51 and Groom Lake using high-flying drone

// February 25th, 2016 // News


Photos of top-secret Area 51 base and Groom Lake taken by RC drone

We already have good pictures of Area 51 and the new ones that came forth this week are none-the-better, however, there are two very interesting aspects to Hans Faulkner’s recent escapades. First, that he was brave enough to attempt the feat has many on the Internet in an uproar and secondly, so far, he’s survived to tell the tale.

Faulkner’s photos come from an HD video he shot using an RC drone as it flew along the boundaries of the top-secret base. According to Faulkner, his drone never crossed official base boundaries. Faulkner also claims he shot the video in August 2015 – before the “No drones” sign was posted along Area 51’s security perimeter.

Regardless, that Faulkner was not stopped by Area 51 security hints that Area 51 may not be as valuable a target as in the past and top-secret operations conducted at the base may have moved to another facility.

Photos of top-secret Area 51 base and Groom Lake taken by RC drone

Sources: YouTube (Hans Faulkner)
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