Eerie leering skull face formed in Hurricane Matthew radar image

// October 7th, 2016 // Weather


Hurrican Matthew forms evil skull face as it passes over Haiti

As Hurricane Matthew approached Florida’s east coast on October 4, 2016, a meteorologist from The Weather Channel noted a particularly disturbing pattern in the radar image. At first, viewers thought the image was fake but news outlets verified that the image is indeed legit.  In the radar shot above, you can see a clearly defined skull face complete with eye, nose, teeth, lips and evil, leering grin.

The image was captured on infrared radar as the storm moved over western Haiti.  The “eye” in the image is of course the eye of the Hurricane Matthew storm.   NASA Earth Science Office’s Paul Meyer told CNN that the sinister picture looks like a skull because of the radar’s colors focused on the eye of the hurricane. The skull’s teeth are formed from cold convective clouds.

After the storm passed, it was found in the aftermath that hundreds had been killed by what is now considered one of the strongest storms in modern history.

Hurrican Matthew forms evil skull face as it passes over Haiti

Sources: CNN, The Weather Channel
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