Now we’ve seen it all – drunk monkey, on a bar, with a knife

// February 18th, 2016 // News


Drunk monkey, on a bar, with a knife

Witnesses say the monkey became intoxicated after drinking leftover rum inside a crowded Brazilian tavern. The rowdy beast then grabbed a knife and began chasing male patrons around the bar (according to witnesses, it left the female patrons alone). The monkey then rushed out the backdoor of the bar, climbed atop the roof, and began stumbling about slashing the knife at anyone who attempted to enter the door. One onlooker captured part of the fiasco on their mobile phone.

Firefighters were called to the scene and after a few harrowing moments [sarcasm], captured the monkey and delivered it to the nearby Patos Nature Reserve. However, reserve staff say they are unsure they can keep the monkey since it has already threatened some children who live nearby.

Check out the video below.  I’ve post-processed and zoomed some segments.

Drunk monkey, on a bar, with a knife
Sources: YouTube (Angelo Lima)
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