Is NASA discovering “skulls” on the surface of Mars? Picture evidence emerges of more skull-shaped objects

// April 11th, 2013 // News

Skull found on Mars

A while back, when NASA video revealed an odd, skull-shaped object (complete with eye and nose holes) on the surface of Mars we figured it was just an unusually-shaped rock.  Today a second “skull” (see photo above) has been spotted in Curiosity Rover video in a location known as Sol 482 and this one is a dead ringer for a humanoid head bone.  This is at least the third skull-shaped object found on Mars.  While we’re not ready to pronounce it evidence of life on Mars yet, we reckon there’s as good a chance of it being an authentic alien skull as a bleached rock shaped like a head.

Below is a shot of a “skull” photographed on earlier Mars mission (above the blue arrow).

Skull found on Mars

And here’s one from 2009 in a picture shot by NASA’s Spirit rover in which the only bleached, white object in the dark, gray landscape is a single “skull” shaped object.

Skull found on Mars

The skulls are not the only things keen-eyes have been finding in NASA videos and pictures – fingers, hoods, statues, and more have been pointed out.

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