Man finds himself in background of photo taken when he was just a child

// August 5th, 2013 // News



“Josh” says he was stunned to find an adult image of himself embedded in the background of a portrait studio photograph taken of him when he was a child. The photo was shot in 1983 by Olan Mills studios and has hung in his parents’ live room for decades. The man’s mother has always noted that she could see faces in the background but nobody really paid much attention to them. That is until this week, when the man says he returned to his parents’ home and was stunned to find his image was one of the “faces” his mother had long noticed in the picture.

Josh explained:

“I was visiting today and took a closer look at my picture. I’m pretty stunned, to say the least. I can’t wrap my head around how a photo-quality face of my adult self appears in the backdrop of a picture taken of me as a child in 1983. These pictures have been hanging in their original frames in the same spot for 30 years. They have not been altered in any way.”



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  1. CUSpacecowboy says:

    Hmmm barely, I’d say its just a coincidence

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