Crowds spot rare bigfoot-like “Skunk Ape” in Florida park

// June 5th, 2013 // News

Photo of the "Skunk Ape" taken in Florida park

Interesting Skunk Ape report coming out of Florida this week.  As you may recall, the Bigfoot-like “Skunk Ape” has been reported in several states including North Carolina and Arkansas but reports of the rare and elusive creature are much more common in Florida.  Sightings of the smelly creature (hence its name) date back to the 1960’s.  This week a video surfaced on YouTube claiming to show crowds of people taking pictures of the elusive creature on March 2, 2013 at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County.  The ape-like creature itself was captured in several distant shots.

This is not the first time the creature has been spotted in Sarasota County.  A Sarasota woman took pictures of what she originally thought was an orangutan near I-75.  The Sarasota County Sheriff Department investigated the sighting but could not find any trace of the creature.

“I heard the orangutan walk off into the brushes. It had an awful smell and was making deep “woomp” noises. For two nights prior, it had been taking apples that my daughter brought down from up north off our back porch. We live near I-75 and I’m afraid this orangutan could cause a serious accident if someone hit it.”

Pictures below show crowds gathered near the edge of the road in the park as they watch the creature move about in a distant field.

Dozens of witnesses watched the Skunk Ape in the distance

Dozens of witnesses watched the Skunk Ape in the distance

Dozens of witnesses watched the Skunk Ape in the distance

Here are additional shots of the creature taken with a witness’s cell phone.Photo of the "Skunk Ape" taken in Florida park

Photo of the "Skunk Ape" taken in Florida park


Some witnesses claim to have found tracks near the area of the sighting.

Witnesses examine "Skunk Ape" footprints


Below are snippets from the original video that was posted on YouTube.

Skunk Monkey filmed in Florida park – March 2, 2013


Sources: YouTube, Sarasota News, Sunshine News

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