The FBI just evacuated the National Solar Laboratory and other areas near Roswell and nobody knows why.

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On September 6, 2018, the FBI swooped in with Blackhawk helicopters and evacuated (raided?) the National Solar Observatory near Roswell – and no one knows why. In addition, the nearby United States Post Office was evacuated and the surrounding area locked down too. One week later and all facilities in the area remain closed.

Elementary school teacher decides after many years to finally release photo of UFO he sighted near Laredo, Texas

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A Texas elementary school teacher has come forward with a photo of a UFO he took around 2014. Marcelino Castillo, of San Antonio, worried about releasing the photo for fear people would “think I was crazy” but says he ultimately decided to share the stunning picture on Facebook.

Yes Virginia, there really is a “Deep State” – and this week’s NYT Op-Ed openly (but accidentally) revealed it.

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We have argued for a long time that there are those in Washington who wield immense power, with authority to guide and control the direction of our government. Mainstream media denounced the claims as nothing more than the fantastical whimsy of conspiracy nuts. But whether you noticed it or not, this weeks’ New York Times […]

Mysterious air leak in Russian space vehicle attached to International Space Station is now suspected to be sabotage.

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Mysterious air leak in International Space Station suspected to be sabotage thumb

When a leak was first found aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft docked to the International Space Station (ISS), it was suspected a meteorite had struck the craft and punctured the hull. Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin yesterday reversed the meteorite theory and said the leak found aboard  the vehicle was almost certainly caused by a […]

Texas police seek identity of barefoot women in broken restraints who rang doorbell in middle of night.

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Police in Montgomery, Texas are seeking assistance from the public after home video captured a woman with broken restraints ringing a doorbell in the middle of the night. The incident took place in the wee morning hours of August 24, 2018.

12-year-old girl shoots photo of Nessie (i.e. the Loch Ness Monster) while vacationing

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Purported photo of Ness (Loch Ness Monster) taken on August 17, 2018 - photo courtesy Charlotte Robinson

The photo is near certain to be legit. It was taken on August 17, 2018 by a 12-year-old tourist, Charlotte Robinson, while saying at the Loch Ness Highland Lodges in Invermoriston. Robinson believes she was about 50 feet from shore when she took the photo of what is believed to be Nessie or the Loch […]

Racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalls ghostly presence after fiery 2004 crash – says spirit may have pulled him from burning car.

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In his latest podcast, legendary race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. recalled a strange occurrence in a race more than a decade ago and admitted his belief in the paranormal world. So, what made Earnhardt a believer? A strange incident during a 2004 crash at Sonoma Raceway.

US military worried after strange acting Russian satellite “gave birth” to two more satellites.

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On August 14, 2018, a high-ranking U.S. State Department official implied that a recent Russian satellite could be a space weapon of some kind. Describing the satellite as “very abnormal”, the official told conference members in Geneva, “We don’t know for certain what it is, and there is no way to verify it.”

The Westall School UFO – Hundreds of students and teachers witness disc-shaped UFO above school in Australia (1966)

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In 1966, Australia saw its largest mass UFO sighting in history. For over 20 minutes, more than 300 students, teachers, and others watched as a silver disc-shaped object flew about the school, landed behind it, then took off and sped away. Fifty years later, witnesses to the event still have no explanation for what they […]

Pentagon administrator says “metal from crashed UFOs” are stored in Bigelow warehouse near Las Vegas

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This week, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s top-secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) told reporters that mysterious “metamaterials” from crashed alien spacecraft are being stored by the American government in Bigelow warehouses in northern Las Vegas. The warehouses are under 24×7 guard and specially fortified for defense.

YouTubers are ordering and opening bizarre and terrifying “mystery boxes” from the dark web.

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It’s beginning to gain traction across the United States – the opening and filming of “mystery boxes” ordered from the Dark Web. The boxes can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars and thus far, have contained a terrifying and disturbing assortment of bizarre contents.

NASA package with bizarre note falls from sky near Trump golf club causing panic and widespread goofiness

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Authorities and residents near Bedminister, New Jersey, location of President Donald Trump’s prestigious golf club, were sent into a state of panic on August 7, 2018 after an odd-looking package dropped from the sky and landed near 147 New Road in Kendail. The package was attached to a parachute and made an unusual hissing sound […]

Mysterious object discovered on ocean floor – researcher believes ex-astronaut may have found evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation to Earth

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Miklos and his dive team followed oceanic maps created by astronaut Gordon Cooper in the 1960’s to unearth shipwrecks in the ocean. That’s when they made an unusual discovery near the Bahamas, one that Miklos claims could provide evidence of extra-terrestrial visitation to Earth.

Police warn bizarre WhatsApp “MoMo Challenge” is causing teens around the world to commit suicide

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Police warn bizarre WhatsApp “MoMo Challenge” is causing teens around the world to commit suicide thumb

It’s dark, bizarre, creepy, and in at least one case, deadly. The challenge known as the MoMo Challenge is popping up on WhatsApp and Facebook at an alarming rate. Police are warning parents to beware. So far, at least one teen’s suicide is thought to be connected to the disturbing challenge.

Canada’s new CHIME telescope goes online and immediately detects mysterious radio burst from deep space

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Canada's new CHIME telescope thumb

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity mapping Experiment (CHIME) has been operating in British Columbia for less than a year and already it has detected something unusual in deep space. This week astronomers announced the telescope is picking up mysterious signals from deep space known as “fast radio bursts” or FRBs.

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